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BLA Regulatory provides comprehensive strategy and operations services to guide you through every step of the regulatory process. We do this by creating a tailored end-to-end approach based on your product and company needs. Our goal is to help move your product efficiently through the drug development cycle.

Our scope of services can start from product research, nonclinical, and clinical development, right up to the submission, approval, and the maintenance stage. Throughout the process, as your U.S. FDA Agent, our regulatory affairs specialists can facilitate Pre-IND, pre or end-of-phase, and advisory meetings with the regulatory agencies. Our approach emphasizes building a solid IND/CTA strategy with NDA/BLA in sight. With deep industry expertise and regulatory intelligence, BLA translates regulatory requirements into workable plans throughout the product development cycle.

BLA functions as an extension of your internal team. We leverage our strengths and experience to ensure compliance of your product development and marketing program through the services we provide.

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Gap Analysis 300x85
HA Meetings 300x84
IND 300x85
PI Recruitment 300x85
US Agent 300x84
Clinical Trial Regist 300x67
Strategy Devl 300x86
Medical Writing 300x86
BLA NDA Filing 300x87
Global Reg Reach 300x87
Ectd Submission 300x87